Triple Glazing Guide

Better Than Double Glazing?

Everyone needs windows, so it makes sense to research the options available to you. But which do you choose; double or triple glazing?

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There are many things that need to be considered when you decide to build a home from scratch. In fact, there are so many different variables and factors that need to go into it. That it is always imperative you start your research and planning very early on. 

This will give you plenty of time to figure out exactly what you want from your new house. And the various materials, methods, and processes that can help you to get there. It’s also enough time to find some reliable and reputable contractors who can carry out the various work and jobs for you.

It’s also essential that you give yourself plenty of planning time even if you are simply renovating your current property. By planning the whole project out well in advance, you can figure out the steps you will take to make it to completion. 

It also gives you the chance to logically think about any potential problems and pitfalls that you might face on the way. Having all of this extra time will be useful to think of any possible solutions that might come in useful before any errors or mistakes do actually occur.

If you are in the process of planning your own self-build project or home renovation. And you haven’t started to think about the property’s windows, then you really should start to do so right now

One aspect of building or renovating a property that many people like to take their time over is the windows. Even though it may not be one of the first things that many self-builders or renovators consider, it is actually a very important part of the whole home. 

After all, without windows, your home would just be four solid walls! You certainly wouldn’t be able to take advantage of any amazing views you might be able to see from the house. But that isn’t the only reason why a house’s windows are so important - they also serve many practical functions as well.

For instance, if it weren’t for your windows then it would be incredibly difficult to air out your home and keep excessive moisture at bay. Insulation would also prove to be very problematic as well.

There really is no wonder. That as soon as self-builders and renovators realise just how important their windows will be, that they start to put in a lot of thought to them.

If you are in the process of planning your own self-build project or home renovation. And you haven’t started to think about the property’s windows, then you really should start to do so right now. You’ll then have plenty of time to weigh up all of your different options.

But what exactly are the different window options? Here are the main ones you might want to consider.

Installing triple glazed sliding doorsInstalling triple glazed sliding doorsInstalling triple glazed sliding doorsInstalling triple glazed sliding doors

Are you thinking of upgrading to new triple glazed windows and doors?

Your Window Options

Single Glazing

Single-glazed windows are now considered a very old-fashioned style of window. However, they still appear in some properties, especially period houses that still feature their original windows. Some people replace old windows with similar single-glazed ones to try to retain the house’s period character. 

However, these windows are extremely thin as there is only one layer of glazing to them. Because of this, they often don’t provide very good insulation and can cause quite a few draughts throughout the property.

Double Glazing

For the past couple of decades, double glazing has been extremely popular with many homeowners. It is made up of two layers of glass between which there is a very small gap. This gap helps to improve the window’s insulation, as it prevents any excessive loss of heat. Not only that, though, but it can also reduce a lot of noise coming through from outside. 

As these kinds of windows were seen as a lot more efficient and practical than single-glazed ones. A lot of homeowners have replaced their single glazing with it over the past twenty years or so. If you buy a new house then there is a good chance that it will be double glazed. 

Triple Glazing

Over the past few years, a new type of glazed window has burst onto the scene. Say hello to triple glazing! As you can probably guess, this is made up of three pieces of glass with a gap between each of them. As you can see, this will be even more effective than a double-glazed window.

How Does Triple Glazing Work?

Argon and krypton are very poor conductors of heat and noise, which prevents any warm air from leaving the property

The main thing to remember about double and triple glazed windows. Is that it is all about the gaps in between the glass. Are you wondering what is in these gaps? Well, most people believe it to be a vacuum but the answer is actually argon or krypton gas. 

Argon and krypton are very poor conductors of heat and noise, which prevents any warm air from leaving the property. It also prevents noise making its way into the house from outside as well.

As triple-glazed windows have two gaps in between the three glass panes, they benefit from even more argon gas in them. As a result, it is very difficult for the warm air inside the house to move out, and noise similarly cannot get into the property.

Many modern triple-glazed windows are especially effective at trapping in warm air thanks to the glass that is used in them. Normally, they are made from glass that can reflect heat back into the property, which will keep your home even warmer even through the cold winter months. Not only does it keep your home warmer once it has been heated, but it also speeds up the heating process too.

Another great feature of many triple-glazed windows is the thermal insert that is often installed into the frame’s chamber. This then creates smaller chambers which can further reduce the amount of heat lost through the window. The frame in which the panes of glass sit is also thermally optimised so it can help to make the triple glazing very effective at insulating the property.

Triple glazing is very effective at insulating your home. Of course, that isn’t the only reason why many homeowners are now replacing their double glazing for more efficient triple-glazed windows. Here are a few other reasons. That might compel you to opt for triple glazing when you build your own property or start to renovate your current home.

White triple glazed windows in a luxury kitchenWhite triple glazed windows in a luxury kitchenWhite triple glazed windows in a luxury kitchenWhite triple glazed windows in a luxury kitchen

Triple glazed windows are incredibly energy efficient

The Case For Using Triple Glazing

Triple-glazed windows could be the answer to your draught problem, even more so than double glazing

For most people, ensuring that their home will be a lot better insulated is reason enough to invest in triple glazing. Still, need some more convincing? Here are some of the most compelling reasons why you should always consider triple-glazed windows for your new self-build project or home renovation.

You’ll Benefit From Lower U Values. 

Still wondering whether triple glazing will make a difference to your home’s efficiency? It certainly will - that’s all because of the lower U values it has. Now, you probably have never heard of U values before. Don’t worry; not many people outside of the window trade have done, so you certainly aren’t on your own! U values are just the way industry professionals measure how heat is transferred by a window. It’s also used to measure how heat is transferred through doors and frames. 

When it comes to U values you want a low number. The lower the number, then the less heat is being transferred out of the house via the window. Most of the time, U values are taken on cold days, so that it is known just how well a window will retain heat inside the house even when the weather is very chilly.

Something else to point out is that there are two kinds of U values: Ug and Uw. These are as follows:

  • Ug value shows just how good or bad the thermal transmittance of the main thermal pane is. This is often referred to as the centre-pane U value. 

  • Uw value is about the thermal transmittance of the window as a whole, not just the central pane of glass. This takes into account the glazing, glass and frame to see how effective they are at their job as a whole unit.

So, as previously mentioned, all of these U values, especially the one that takes into account the whole window need to be as low as they possibly can be. This isn’t just so that you can benefit from a warmer house (although that is the main plus point for many homeowners). But it’s also so that your windows meet various building regulations and standards.

If your windows don’t have a low enough U value. You might need to fix any issues with them or simply go to a different window supplier and find some of a much higher quality.

Once you do get some triple-glazed windows with very low U values. You will then be able to take advantage of a very warm house that loses little heat even on the coldest of days!

There Won’t Be Any More Draughts

Are you sick of draughts in your home? You definitely won’t be the first or the last to complain about these annoying breezes and small gusts of air! Draughts often cool down homes by quite some way. But they can also be highly annoying. After all, no one wants to be sitting in front of the TV with a cool breeze blowing over them!

Thankfully, triple-glazed windows could be the answer to your draught problem, even more so than double glazing. For years, many people thought that double-glazed windows had solved the issue of draughts in properties, but that isn’t actually the case. Draughts can still occur even when the best double glazing is installed in a house. 

That’s especially the case with older windows as gaps can appear between the frame and wall. Not only that, though, but the window’s seals can become broken or worn over time, and a lot more likely to let cold in from outside through. The hinges on windows can also become worn, especially if they are constantly opened and closed. That’s another small opening that cold air will be able to blow through.

As triple-glazed windows are made using a lot more modern techniques and materials, you can have plenty of peace of mind knowing that there will be a lot less wear and tear on the seals and frames of your windows. 

As the three panes of glass and gaps in the windows will let hardly any cold air through from the outside, there’s also no need to worry about cold spots developing on the windows either.

It Can Prevent Condensation Completely

If you have had a problem with condensation in your home in the past then triple glazing might be the answer that you have been waiting a long time for! 

Condensation occurs when there is a stark difference between the temperature inside the property and the one outside. The condensation will form on the surface that is cooler than the surrounding air.

So, if your home is quite cold in the winter, and ends up colder than the temperature outside. There is a good chance that a layer of condensation. Will appear on the inside of some of your windows. The colder your interiors are, then the more condensation will develop.

Even though condensation isn’t usually a problem that will directly affect you or make your home uncomfortable to live in, it can create a lot of excess moisture in the home’s atmosphere. In some very extreme cases, this can increase the chances of mould and damp developing in your home. These can be very difficult to get rid of once they are established, and you will probably have to pay for a damp proofing specialist to get rid of all the damp for you.

When you have some top-quality triple-glazed windows installed in your home, there really is no reason to ever worry about condensation again. That is all to do with the temperature of the surface of the glass on the inside of your window.

As triple-glazed windows are ever so effective at keeping your home fully insulated, they will result in a warmer house. The inside of the windows will be a lot warmer, compared to the inside of double or single-glazed windows. This means that the inside of the triple glazing will be a lot closer to the temperature outside. In some cases, it may even be warmer than outside, so there really is no chance of condensation developing on them.

It Can Greatly Boost Acoustics As Well

Of course, the benefits of triple glazing aren’t just about their insulation properties. You will also benefit from the better sound in your home as well!

As well as blocking out all the cold air from outside, triple glazing can effectively block out any loud noises as well. Double-glazed windows were known for being great at cancelling out most noises that might have drifted into a property from the environment outside. Things like loud traffic, pedestrians talking as they walk past, and other common forms of noise pollution that might have entered a home were very much a thing of the past once double glazing had been installed. However, it wasn’t completely perfect. Triple glazing pretty much is, though!

With triple glazing, you are adding an extra layer of glass and an extra gap to the window. That means there are two more layers that noise has to try to travel through for you to hear it in your own home. Thanks to this, you will be able to greatly reduce any background noise that you might have otherwise heard. You’ll be able to live right next to a busy road without hearing any of the traffic - you might even forget what’s right next to your house!

Gives Your Property’s Aesthetics A Cleaner Look

Even though you may not realise it, the windows that you decide to go with in your self-build project or home renovation will have a huge impact on the property’s overall aesthetics. For instance, you just have to take a look at houses with very dated windows in them. Sure, in some ways, the original windows can add to the character of a period property but that is usually only when they have been well kept and maintained. 

These days, though when you install some top of the market triple glazing, you don’t have to worry about needing to maintain it to keep it looking good. Most triple-glazed windows are used with some extremely new and modern materials that will retain their aesthetics and quality even after being battered continually by the elements. So, you don’t have to worry about your windows ever bringing down the overall look of your home.

If you buy your triple glazing from some of the most trusted window companies, you won’t even have to worry about the windows suffering from discolouration or misting up. This is usually the case with double-glazed windows and, as a result, they usually need to be replaced after just a few years. Your triple glazing will look very modern for a good few years to come, and won’t have such a negative impact on the property’s overall style!

You’ll Save A Lot Of Money As A Result

We all love saving money, right? Well, if you love a good bargain then you should really think about using triple glazing in your home renovation or self-build project. That’s because all of those extra layers of glass on the window can end up saving you a lot of cash on your energy bills.

That’s because you will be getting rid of all the draughts in your home, reducing the number of cold spots, and will be helping your property to retain a lot of heat. As you can probably tell, all of that means that you won’t need to heat your home quite as much. As you won’t be so reliant on your central heating or any other forms of heating, such as coal fires or wood-burning stoves, you won’t be spending so much on your monthly energy use. 

It’s not just the lower energy bills that you will save money on. Lots of homeowners who have triple glazing installed find that there is a lot less maintenance that needs to be carried out on their windows over the years. Thanks to this, they don’t have to spend quite as much on DIY jobs and handymen. As they might have done to maintain their single or double-glazed windows. 

You might even find that you start to spend a lot less on cleaning your windows. That’s because triple-glazed ones don’t mist up unlike double glazing, so they will stay free from smears and marks for a lot longer.

You Won’t Need To Maintain The Windows So Often

I’ve already briefly touched upon this point, but it really is worth mentioning again. You won’t need to maintain your triple glazing quite as often as you would with older windows. As well as helping you save a small fortune, you will also save a lot of time and effort trying to maintain the windows.

When it comes to older windows and some forms of double glazing, there are many common problems that cause homeowners issues like draughts and condensation. Once these types of problems start to develop, the quality of the windows can very quickly deteriorate. Before you realise it, there could be a big issue that you need to hire a window company to repair for you. If left for too long, these issues could work out very expensive for you to get fixed. 

It’s The Most Eco-Friendly Option

If your new-build project is going to be an environmentally friendly home or you want to renovate your current property so that it is a lot more energy efficient, then you really should consider installing triple glazing into all of the windows. 

As previously mentioned, once you have triple glazing you won’t need to use your various heating methods around the home quite as much. That’s because these kinds of windows are a lot more efficient at retaining heat and won’t allow your home to cool down quite as quickly. Thanks to this, you won’t have to leave your heating on for quite as long as what you once might have had to. 

Plus, you will probably be able to wait a lot longer until you start using any form of heating in the early days of winter. That’s because the triple glazing will allow you to hang onto most of the natural heat that would have warmed your home through the summer.

Lots of people who build eco-friendly and carbon-neutral homes swear by triple glazing. In fact, in some of the more contemporary environmentally friendly houses. The owners don’t have to turn on their heating at all. The windows are that efficient at locking in the heat that the houses lose very little over winter. 

They lose so little that the people who live in them are able to stay warm without any extra forms of heating, which is a great way to create a completely carbon-neutral home!

Triple glazed window unit being manufacturedTriple glazed window unit being manufacturedTriple glazed window unit being manufacturedTriple glazed window unit being manufactured

Precise engineering is just part of the triple glazed unit

Don’t Make These Common Triple-Glazing Mistakes

If possible, it’s always best to get the company who you buy the triple glazing from to measure the wall openings for you

Of course, buying and installing triple-glazed windows isn’t quite as simple as going to the shop and picking out the ones that look the best. These will be an extremely important part of your new home or your property renovation, so it’s always key that you take your time to choose the best ones for your project. 

There are a lot of considerations to be made to make sure that you don’t inadvertently buy any windows that could be problematic when it comes to the installation process.

That isn’t the only thing you need to be concerned about. Here is a list of some of the main mistakes that people make when they are buying triple-glazed windows for their new-build project or home renovation. Make sure you don’t make any of these errors yourself!

Try Not To Go Over Budget

One of the biggest issues that quite a few people find when they are looking for triple-glazed windows is that it can be tricky to stay within their budget. If you don’t already have a budget in mind for your new windows, then it is essential that you start to figure one out right away. 

You should hopefully already have a budget for your entire project - you just need to portion this up and allocate a portion for the windows. Trying to stick to this amount should help you stick within your overall budget overall.

One way to stick within your window budget is to not look at any windows that are way over the figure that you have allocated to spend. There are lots of new technologies and materials that go into making some of the best triple-glazed windows, and these can quickly add up. 

So, it’s best to look at some of the more basic triple-glazed windows if you are trying to buy and install windows on a budget. Even though they may be the basic models, they will still be a whole lot better than double glazing, that’s for sure!

Be Wary Of Estimation Errors

You will need to measure up before you buy your windows. After all, if you don’t know how big the hole in the wall is going to be then there is no way you will know how big your triple glazing needs to be for it to fit!

If you are building your own home and are having plans for it drawn up by an architect, they will usually indicate how large the wall holes for the window are going to be. However, if you are not using a professional architect for your drawings, then you will need to figure this out yourself. 

Think carefully about the size as it is crucial that you are accurate with all the measurements. You might then end up buying window frames that are too small or too large, which will be a huge waste of money.

If you are currently renovating your home then you won’t need to work out how large the holes will be as they will already be in your property. You just need to measure them up. This is something that you need to be very careful with. If you measure a length or height incorrectly, then the triple glazing that you eventually order might not fit no matter how much you try.

If possible, it’s always best to get the company who you buy the triple glazing from to measure the wall openings for you. Most companies will be happy to do this for you.

Find The Best Installers For The Job

Not everyone is professionally qualified or experienced enough to install triple-glazed windows. So, you need to make sure that you hire some contractors who know exactly what they are doing. Most triple glazing window companies will be able to offer you a fitting and installation service when you do buy the windows from them. You can then be happy knowing that a team of highly experienced fitters will be putting your new windows into your property for you.

If your window company won’t install the windows for you, it is necessary to find some fitters who have plenty of experience of working with triple glazing. Not every fitter does, so make sure you carry out plenty of research so that you find the best team for the job.

Don’t Think Your Triple-Glazed Unit Will Last Forever

It’s true that triple-glazed units usually last a lot longer than single and double-glazed windows. But that doesn’t mean that they last forever - they still have a finite lifespan. So, if you do ever notice some issues with your triple glazing, it’s important that you call someone out to take a look. This will rarely happen, but it’s best to always be aware that there might be times when you do need some further help from professional window experts.

Hopefully, this article has given you plenty of food for thought when it comes to getting some triple-glazed windows for your new home or renovation project. There really are some big benefits that you can take advantage of when you install these modern windows!